1. Shipping Method

During Finalizing Purchase, the customer will have available a method of transmission provided by a carrier specializing in the transportation of orders of wine.

Shipping can only be performed for orders from 6 units or more.

2. Shipping costs

Shipping costs is equal to mainland Portugal, with being calculated based on the following table.

N º Garrafas Final Price
6 12,60€
7 12,60€
8 14,40€
9 16,20€
10 18,00€
11 19,80€
12 19,80€
13 23,40€
14 25,20€
15 27,00€
16 28,80€
17 30,60€
18 12,60€

3. Transport

Deliveries are made by a carrier, with log shipping for maximum safety of your order.

A Fifth of Myrtle ensures the best packaging of your order and a shipping so quickly as we possibly can, so that your experience as our guest is fantastic from the moment of your purchase.

However, the delivery date always the logistics and availability of specific operating rules for each operator depends.