Quinta da MURTA “The wine of Shakespeare” Espumante Bruto Natural 2015 DOC Bucelas

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Very fine bubbles and flavors conjugated of abundant fresh fruit and note of the stage. Body well balanced and great elegance. To taste in “vin de garde”.

Wine of fest, ideal for all kind of delicate cuisine, exotic spicy cuisine, and great dessert.

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  • João Paulo Martins - Summer Guide - 16 points
  • Rev. Blue Wine Julho/2008 – 14 pontos
  • Rev. Nectar June / July 2008-83 points


  • Contest Pick the Press - Best Buy Award


  • Rev.Vinhos Dec/2007 - 10 Best Sparkling National
  • Rev. Nectar June / July 2008-88 points
  • Rui Falcão - Guide 2010 - TOP 10 Best Sparkling wines
  • João Paulo Martins 2011-16 values


  • Rui Falcão Guide 2011-16 values ​​(TOP Sparkling)
  • João Paulo Martins 2011 to 16.5 values
  • Robert Parker (December, 2012) -88 points with following comments “it reveals well-defined bubbles and attractive. Hints of grapefruit and pear emerge from this light to medium-bodied, impressive, reasonably priced offering. Located about 12 miles north of Lisbon, this 27-ha estate has produced an excellent white sparkler from clay and limestone soils”.

A unique terroir made of limestone and marl, a hillside facing south-east under the influence of the atlantic ocean, for a very fine fresh wine

Quinta da Murta, tucked away in gentle chalky hills of Bucelas region, is located 25 km North East Lisbon, in the Basin Lusitanica dating from upper Jurassic, lower Tithonian (Portlandian). The Soil is formed of calcareous marl, crystalline limestone with numerous presence of fossils trigonia, ostrea and various bivalves such as buchotrigonia freixialensis and the foraminifer anchispirocyclina lusitanica, All contribute to a very fine mineralite with shell note, roundness and suppleness of the wine.

The vineyards are all planted on high slope, south and south-east exposition, at 250 meters altitude, protected from Atlantic westerlies winds by a ridge of hills. The area enjoys a very specific micro climate, relatively cool and humid in winter and during the nights, warm and dry during summer. All contribute to a perfect grape ripening but keeping the freshness of the Atlantic ocean.

A traditional viticulture privileging biodynamic

Before the plantation of the vineyard, more than 20 years ago, the limestone soil was occupied by bushes with myrtle berries. Soil has been scrambled 2 meters deep, cow and horse manure was spread and pass with chisel to bury the fertilizer and regularize the soil for plantation.

The vineyard is naturally cultivated in a protected area and total biodiversity in flora and fauna, planted with a relative low density of 4000 plants/ha twice pruned during winter and spring time in bilateral Royat cordon. Lusitania horse manure is now applied between rows; drop irrigation is minimized to its lowest level and an integrated pest management system is strictly observed, privileging always biodynamic, allowing to harvest high quality and aromatic grape at a low yield of 6t/ha.

A very specific wine making and maturation, all done at the property, for revealing Freshness, fruit, complexity and flavors

Manual harvest is handled in small case of 25kg at the best maturation period for acidity, sugar, and aromas, followed by a delicate sorting of the grapes avoiding rotten or green ones, then by a gentle destalking and crushing.

The wine is elaborated exclusively from the most selected variety of grapes Touriga Nacional. A cool maceration at 12C to get perfect color, then a gentle pressing followed by a cool fermentation occurs. Strict traditional “methode champenoise” apply with manual degorgement elapsed after a period of 1 year and an half “sur lie”. All wine making and maturation is done for a greater complexity, depth of flavor and very fine bubbles.

Quinta da MURTA: A name

Bucelas, called the prince of Portuguese wine, is the most famous dry white wine of Portugal, where Arinto variety of grapes has been cultivated and developed by the Romans for more than 2 000 years.

Portuguese sailors of the ship S.Gabriel celebrated their return to Portugal after having discovered the sea route to the Indies by enjoying Bucelas wine. During Shakespeare time, Bucelas wine became very popular with the British royal court as well throughout England. The wine called ”charneco”, named after a small village in Bucelas, is mentioned in Sharkespeare’s Henry the VI play, part 2, writen in 1594.

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Fest, Exotic Spicy Cuisine, Delicate Cuisine, Great Dessert

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