Uma Viticultura Tradicional

A traditional viticulture privileging biodynamic

Before the plantation of the vineyard, more than 20 years ago, the limestone soil was occupied by bushes with myrtle berries. Soil has been scrambled 2 meters deep, cow and horse manure was spread and pass with chisel to bury the fertilizer and regularize the soil for plantation.

The vineyard is planted with a relative low density of 4000 plants/ha, traditionally cultivated in a protected and isolated area and total biodiversity in flora and fauna, twice pruned during winter and spring time in bilateral Royat cordon.

Mineral fertilization and drop irrigation are minimized to their lowest level and an integrated pest management system is strictly observed, sustainable viticulture certified, we are privileging always biodynamic, allowing to harvest high quality and aromatic grape at a low yield of 6t/ha.

The vineyard is renewed with excellence on yearly basis, to be conducted on Guyot bilateral cordon. Lusitania Horse manure is now applied between rows of the whole vineyard, both to enhance health of the vines and quality of the grapes.
All contributes to make the best wine of DOC Bucelas.